Mid Infrared Optical Fibers for Laser Applications


Infrared Fiber Systems, Inc. (IFS) is a leading supplier of infrared transmitting fiber optics for laser power delivery applications.

Company Profile

IFS was founded in 1986 with the goal to become the foremost supplier of infrared transmitting fibers.  

Located in a suburb of Washington, DC IFS facility includes state-of-the-art fiber draw towers, controlled atmosphere glove boxes, glass melting clean room stations and optics testing and instrumentation laboratories.

IFS produces the Germanium Oxide glass fiber (HP™ fiber) for use with the Er:YAG and Er:YSGG lasers. These lasers coupled with HP™ fiber delivery systems can be used for painless dentistry and precise ablation without thermal damage in laser surgery procedures.

Contact Information

Phone: (301)-622-7131


2301-A2 Broadbirch Dr., Silver Spring MD 20904 USA 




Infrared Fiber Systems * 301-622-7131 * fiber@infraredfibersystems.com